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2nd January 2013

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.MOLOCH from Urkaine, Underground Black Metal


Moloch recently have struck me as a very prolific, yet unknown band to me…in the sense that everything Sergiy creates is so perfectly raw and cold, that it’s just downright ugly….and beautiful at the same time…a real unison of elements. The vocals range from cries of rage, to spoken word…striking us with solemn and ominous tones of pure desolation and rage.
The atmosphere and approach created in many Moloch songs , could be related somewhat to bands such as Striborg, Xasthur or even Abyssic Hate; where keyboards seem like rain and the guitar work seems to be a reflection of natural tumoil, overlayed with haunting march-like drums…..some of the mixing in Sergiy’s discography is a bit underachieved and this tends to create sudden drops or shifts of speed in tracks that are meant to have a certain mood.

"Der Schein des schw√§rzesten Schnees " is a recently full length, 2011 coming from a project that has been on the go since 2004; respectively, there’s many EP’s and other splits to really get into the band….
Sergiy is nothing short of a very accomplished composer and at the least, he’s perfected a black metal approach to being a multi-instrumentalist.
So, in sum…what I can say with Moloch, is that you truly are going to get genuine, destitute and raw black metal art…it’s presentation is individualistic, but the lyrical and emotional approach is very profound and wordly….

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